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Genetic Tests

GENOMA’s expertise on genetic testing provides physicians the convenience and reliability of a single laboratory system that offers cutting-edge genetic testing services as well as providing an extensive range of specialized assays, fulfilling all your clinical laboratory needs. Wouldn’t it make your patient care easier to send all your specimens to one full-service lab?
We’re anxious to acquaint you with our broad genetic test menu and share the GENOMA advantage.

The GENOMA name is synonymous with diagnostic testing.
As one of the largest molecular genetics laboratory in Europe, GENOMA is known as the leader in:

  • accessibility and convenience
  • uncompromising accuracy
  • dependable customer service
At its main Centre in Rome, GENOMA has developed a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary genetics facility to bring you the latest in:

Biochemical Genetics
Cardiovascular Diseases (Ereditary Thrombophilia)
Ereditary Endocrinopaties
Female infertility
Forensic Genetics
HLA - Typing
Infectious diseases -  molecular testing
Male Infertility
Microarray-based molecular karyotyping
Molecular Cytogenetics
Molecular Genetics
Molecular Oncology (Early Diagnosis)
Molecular Oncology (Predictive Tests)
Paternity and Parentage Testing
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
Preventive Genetic Testing
Recurrent Miscarriage
Reproductive Genetics

The GENOMA Advantage
Board-certified genetic counsellors and geneticists to assist in the interpretation of results or to recommend follow-up testing
- Specialized genetics customer service staff
- Direct toll-free telephone line to genetics services
- Patient education brochures
- Reader-friendly reports
- Specimen transport kits available at no additional charge
- Courier system for pick-up of samples from your office

Professional Staff
The cumulative expertise of the genetics professionals at GENOMA labs includes
- A highly qualified group of MDs and PhDs
- Board-certified Genetic counsellors
- Board-certified Cytogeneticists and molecular geneticists