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Why use On-line reporting ?

Why use On-line reportingQuick and easy access to patient result information on-line
Access current patient result information from any computer connected to the Internet. Offers convenience of multi-station access.

Minimal equipment requirement

On-line reporting requires no special hardware other than an Internet-ready computer.

Easy and flexible access to result information. Physicians can access preliminary patient result information while out of the office.

On-line security features
Use of 128-bit encryption ensures secure and private results over the Internet.

Additional features
Each account user has a unique ID and password. This permits access to multiple users within the office.
A designated account administrator in your office has the capability to change passwords for account users, delete users, and view activity logs.

Saves valuable office time
Saves time calling the laboratory for result information and checking the status of a test.
Clients can access preliminary result information and view current pending status throughout the day. As tests are performed, preliminary results are made available in the Results Inquiry option.
Final result reports are available as PDF files using the Report option.

User-friendly Results Inquiry option
Displays current preliminary patient result information
Lists pending result information
Physicians can easily view abnormal result information for a certain date and provide timely patient follow-up.
Search for patient name in current and archived data.
Five years of patient result data are available on-line, providing a useful tool for physicians in reviewing and monitoring a patient’s history.
Access to GENOMA test menu.

Efficient Report option
Receive e-mail notifications when a final test result report is available.
Print official patient final test result report once e-mail notification is received. Patient report is in PDF format for increased security.
View and print patient final test result reports for as long as you wish.

For an official final result report, clients will need to receive official final results via courier, fax, printer, or other current delivery method.

How to register for On-Line Reporting
Contact your local GENOMA representative to obtain access to On-line Reporting. GENOMA will provide each account user a unique ID and password. Each account user will have access to On-line Reporting once the user has accepted the on-line agreement.