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A wide choice of services

Total service and efficiency are only two of the reasons to choose GENOMA as a partner

A wide choice of services LOGISTICAL SUPPORT
Our management and collection of samples follows the needs of our clients

  • Free pick-up of biological samples carried out daily by our trusted employees
  • Free transport of biological samples by means of a trusted express courier for clients outside Rome
  • Free supply of kit for sending samples

Our IT system is innovative and continually being updated, and it is subject to centralised quality controls.

  • Online reporting: 24-hour access to track the progress of examinations
  • Free service which permits access to the centre’s internet site to check on the progress of examinations and get reports online.
  • Linking of analytical instruments to our central system to speed up and constantly monitor the different phases of work.
- Specialised assistance from qualified personnel. Molecular biologists and geneticists are always available to assist clients in interpreting results and to understand the methods used in analysis.
- Free direct dedicated phone line to genetic services

- Information brochures for doctors and patients
- Onsite scientific updates

- The development of specific diagnostic tests on request

- Our Fast Processing service allows results to be available within 48 hours

- Personalised, according to the needs of our clients

- Technical and organisation consultancy
- National and international collaboration
- Outsourcing
- Know-how transfer