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Published papers

Two distinct TP53 mutations in HNSCC primary tumor: Only one circulates in the blood
Federica Gancia, Matteo Allegrettia, Valentina Mancioccob, Francesco Fiorentino, Giuseppe Sanguinetid, Patrizio Giacominia, Raul Pellinib, Francesca Spinella, Giovanni Blandino

Using outcome data from onethousand mosaic embryo transfers to formulate an embryo ranking system for clinical use
Manuel Viotti, Andrea R Victor, Frank L Barnes, Christo G Zouves , Andria G Besser, James A Grifo , En-Hui Cheng , Maw-Sheng Lee , Jose A Horcajadas, Laura Corti, Francesco Fiorentino, Francesca Spinella...

Are HLA-G polymorphisms associated to recurrent pregnancy loss?
M. E. Vaquero, B. Valentini, N. Lazzarin, A. Nuccitelli, H. C. Valensise

TRF2 and VEGF-A: an unknown relationship with prognostic impact on survival of colorectal cancer patients
Roberto Dinami, Manuela Porru, Carla Azzurra Amoreo, Isabella Sperduti, Marcella Mottolese, Simonetta Buglioni, Daniele Marinelli, Marcello Maugeri-Saccà, Andrea Sacconi, Francesca Spinella, Francesco Fiorentino, ...

ESHRE PGT Consortium good practice recommendations for the detection of structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations
ESHRE PGT-SR/PGT-A Working Group, Edith Coonen, Carmen Rubio, Dimitra Christopikou, Eftychia Dimitriadou, Julia Gontar, Veerle Goossens,Maria Maurer, Francesca Spinella, Nathalie Vermeulen and Martine De Rycke

Health orientation and individual tendencies of a sample of Italian genetic testing consumers
Serena Oliveri, Ilaria Durosini, Ilaria Cutica, Clizia Cincidda, Francesca Spinella, Marina Baldi, Alessandra Gorini, Gabriella Pravettoni

Cross-sectional analysis of circulating tumor DNA in primary colorectal cancer at surgery and during post-surgery follow-up by liquid biopsy
Allegretti M, Cottone G , Carboni F, Cotroneo E , Casini B , Giordani E , Amoreo C , Buglioni S , Diodoro M , Pescarmona E, Zazza S , Federici O , Zeuli M , Conti L , Cigliana G , Fiorentino F , Valle M , Giacomini P and Spinella F

German and Italian Users of Web-Accessed Genetic Data: Attitudes on Personal Utility and Personal Sharing Preferences. Results of a Comparative Survey (n=192)
German and Italian Users of Web-Accessed Genetic Data: Attitudes on Personal Utility and Personal Sharing Preferences. Results of a Comparative Survey (n=192)

Extent of chromosomal mosaicism influences the clinical outcome of in vitro fertilization treatments
Francesca Spinella, Ph.D., Francesco Fiorentino, Ph.D., Anil Biricik, Ph.D.,a Sara Bono, Ph.D., Alessandra Ruberti, B.Sc., Ettore Cotroneo, Ph.D., Marina Baldi, Ph.D., Elisabetta Cursio, B.Sc.,Maria Giulia Minasi, B.Sc., and Ermanno Greco, M.D.

Genetic diseases and aneuploidies can be detected with a single blastocyst biopsy: a successful clinical approach
Maria Giulia Minasi, Francesco Fiorentino,*, Alessandra Ruberti, Anil Biricik, Elisabetta Cursio, Ettore Cotroneo, Maria Teresa Varricchio, Matteo Surdo, Francesca Spinella, and Ermanno Greco